Abby Ballin

Abby Ballin (NY,NY) is a storyteller at heart. Born in NYC and based in South Florida, Abby began her character studies from a very early age. Majoring¬†in Illustration and Photography at the School of Visual Arts (NYC), Abby’s love for visually communicating the human story and her interpretation of the world around her formed. After her studies Abby went on to work in multiple aspects of production including directing, filming, editing, styling and photography.


Look at what you are naturally drawn to and combine that with the way the world receives you.

For as long as I could remember I have been blessed with the gift of openness, that strangers and friends alike have freely shared some of their most intimate and vulnerable moments with me. The honor and responsibility that comes with that connection guided me into the truth of my purpose and I knew that whatever I did had to involve the translation of the human story.


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